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Panama City, Panama the Jewel of Central America

Oct 24, 2017

The old Spanish quarters of Panama City, Panama such as the world heritage site Casco Viejo with architecture dating back to 1673 remains intact and charmingly worn. These historic buildings that have seen pirates, revolutions and invasions, mesh perfectly with the soaring sky-scrapers of the city’s business district. What better way could there be to take in the ancient cobblestone plazas or busting modern streets than by renting a bicycle and peddling through them? The city is rife with attractions to be explored and using a bicycle gives you access where other vehicles can’t fit. If you want a similar experience to bicycling, but you are not looking for any extra exercise, renting a scooter is ideal. With a scooter you can see more in one day then bicycling, and gives you additional time to see Panama City’s sights.

One cannot think of Panama City without thinking of the massive Panama Canal. With both commercial and military significance, it is known worldwide. Aside from its tangible worth, the Panama Canal is a striking marvel of engineering, surrounded by some of the best nature has to offer. Renting a jet-ski lets you get close to the canal while being able to take in the lush hills and cloud topped jade mountains of Panama. In addition to the Panama Canal, there is much to do on the water in Panama City. Extensive coastline runs along the city and lets you experience it in a unique way. Renting a kayak or paddle board allows you travel along clear Pacific waters to land on pristine beaches. The jungles of Panama surrounding the city can also be explored as you glide along a river. Countless birds and other species that populate the vine draped trees of the forest will be an adventure you won’t soon forget.


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