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Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota Alive in Summer or Winter.

November 02, 2017

Although Minneapolis/Saint Paul are cities that are thought of as places for indoor sports, there is plenty to do year-round. The Twin Cities are known for being clean with an architectural style that harkens back to the best of the 1930’s. Rent a bicycle and explore the alleyways and thoroughfares of the cities yourself. There is perhaps no better area in the United States for bicycling than the Twin Cities. The area is well known for its bicycling enthusiasm and hosts the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival. Rent a bike and peddle through one of the area’s numerous parks with bike trails. One such park is Lake Jensen Trail that has a two-mile bike path that goes through pristine Minnesota woods where in the spring you can experience the wilderness in full bloom, and in the winter, you can bike around a frozen lake and take in the landscape covered in snow. Another park in the heart of Minneapolis/Saint Paul is Windy Trail which has an eight-mile paved loop that encircles Calhoun Lake, and offers a respite from the hustle of urban life. You can also peddle around the Twin Cities and experience the striking Bauhaus like skyscrapers of Minneapolis or the rustic Victorian neighborhoods of St. Paul. The Twin Cities are a paradise for avid bicyclist.

In the spring, summer and early fall there are extensive waterways to traverse. Rent a kayak or paddle board and explore one of the area’s three major rivers. A must to paddle along on is the mighty Mississippi river, the river not only is both historic and fabled, but it gives you a spectacular view of Minneapolis as you float under some of the most stylized bridges in the world. The water is calm, but has a strong flow so going against it provides a thorough workout.

Minneapolis/Saint Paul is more than accommodating to outdoor fun twelve months a year.


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