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Fort Myers, Florida a Serene Victorian Town with 21st Century Fun

Oct 26, 2017

Fort Myers is in many ways still the same sleepy town it was when Thomas Edison and Henry Ford would winter there. The same shady palm groves line Fort Myers beaches, the same lighthouse stands as it did a century ago, and the same crystal-clear gulf waters beckon beachgoers to swim in it. As frozen as much of Fort Myers seems in time, there are modern ways to enjoy the area. Edison himself could not have envisioned water propulsion jetpacks that have become so popular to rent. Jetpacks are the sort of thing that people expect from the 21st century. Like jetpacks from science fiction these water-thrust versions suck water from the Gulf of Mexico in order to fly through the air. Another modern device that you can rent to zip across the waters of Fort Myers is the Jet Ski. You can quickly cruise along the entire coast of Fort Myers while feeling the freedom of wind in your hair and salt spray in your face. Paddleboards are a recent invention, but give you a tranquil experience as you paddle along the gulf. The translucent water allows you to see the abundant marine life that surrounds Fort Myers. Dolphins, jellyfish, sharks are present all year, manatees frequent Fort Myers waters in the winter months as they flee colder Northern waters. Renting a kayak is an older way of having fun, but no less effective than a paddle board. Both let you explore the looking glass water around Fort Myers.

If you want to traverse Fort Myers trails, renting a bicycle is the ideal way to do it. Parks like Lovers Key State Park have paths like the Black Island Trail which winds along mangroves and opens to serene lagoons. You can also bicycle around the older areas of Fort Myers and experience their charm close up.

Destin is a natural treasure where you can choose at what pace to explore it.


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