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Clearwater and its Beaches, the Finest and Most Popular Leisure Destination in Florida.

Oct 31, 2017

Clearwater, Florida’s beaches have some of the whitest sands in the world, and there are options for those who want to experience them in various ways. The miles of Clearwater’s picturesque coastline along the Gulf of Mexico provide opportunities to enjoy it from both land and sea. Rent a surf board and ride along waves that are perfect for those just starting out. You can also ride along the water on a rented paddleboard or in a kayak. While in the water you will have a chance to see dolphins, sharks, jellyfish, dig sand dollars from a sandbar, or in the winter, paddle alongside manatees. You can also paddle up the intercoastal waterway and see some of Clearwater’s most beautiful homes. The intercoastal waterway also allows you to see birds such as osprey or pelicans streak from the air to the water and catch a fish. Caution is needed as you travel the intercoastal waterway because you will be sharing it with much larger craft and ships. These aforementioned waters can also all be experienced by Jet-ski that lets you have fun hopping the waves as you skim along the water.

Clearwater has just as much to offer on dry ground as it does in the water. Rent a bicycle and ride along the same beaches that are used for numerous triathlons. You can peddle along the shore and take in the sights, or push yourself to get a great workout. Another excellent place to bike is the Clearwater East-West Trail which runs thirteen miles and connects Clearwater to Tampa Bay. The path runs through Florida hardwood hammocks where you can see deer, gopher turtles, armadillo, racoons, opossum and occasionally an alligator. The trail also runs across bridges that let you look over scenic waterways.

Clearwater offers some of the best natural fun to be had in Florida.


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