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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a city of Surf, Hills, Golf Courses and fun

September 26, 2017

Cabo San Lucas is known for the spring breakers who flock to its silvery sand beaches from all over the west coast; but it is so much more than a place to fulfil one’s hedonistic ambitions. In addition to its numerous, hotels, golf courses, and restaurants, there are sights to be seen and enjoyable activities that let you take full advantage of the scenery. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is a towering, ivory rock formation, complete with not only an arch, but soaring cliffs that rise against the azure sky. One expects to see a pirate ship come past in full sail when they see it. The arch is best seen by boat, kayak, or Jet ski so you can get close enough to see the hordes of sea lions who call it home. The gently sloping hills and low mountains are interspersed with biking trails that both let you get exercise while breathing in the salt-air next to the crystal-clear sea, then test you while you bike through the rugged beauty of their rocky peaks and hearty pines. If bicycling is too strenuous, and you want a more leisurely way to get the same experience, scooters are also available for rent in Cabo San Lucas. If you want to go off the beaten path, rent an ATV and you can go almost anywhere across the hills, mountains, and beaches of the area.

If you prefer not to spend your time looking at the water, but in the water scuba rentals let you plumb the depths of Lands’ End. In addition to the plethora of marine life you will see under the water, pods of whales give birth to their young during the winter months. There are also excellent opportunities to surf along the Baha California coast. No need to try and check your surfboard when you fly, plenty of board rentals are available for your convenience.

These are but a few of the wide range of recreational activities in Cabo San Lucas. Readily accessible equipment rentals mean you don’t have to bring your own equipment through customs when you fly to Mexico.


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